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sight word games

Sight Word Games

There are two primary ways your child or student will learn to read: either by sounding out words according to principles of phonics, or by memorizing commonly-used words and learning to say it when they see it.




 dolch sight words

Normally, with the most commonly used words in the language, we expect that a child will know them on sight, without sounding them out. Because of this, we call them "sight words." And fortunately, to make this more exciting for them, there are many sight word games that will help them master these oh-so-important words.

Sight words are also commonly known as Dolch sight words. Let's take a look at some effective and fun sight word games and activities, i.e., Dolch word games.

Go to to find a collection of three sight word games, with multiple skill levels on each one (harder words on harder levels, easier words on easier levels).

On Listen and Spell, the computer dictates words to the student and gives him a group of letters, but scrambled. The student must click the letters in the right order to spell it out, this is a timed game.

 sight words

In other sight word activities, such as Listen and Match, the student flips cards to match them with the sound of the word given by the computer.

In the Jigsaw sight word games, the student is to fit a particular word into one of the grooves given, where they then click to hear that word.   

sight word activities

There are many other websites with good sight word games. Readquarium has a good collection at The sight word games found there include Star Words, Make A Match, Color Words, Sight Word Hang-man, Missing Letters, Gisele's Pick and Click, and Spellbound.

And one other place to check for good sight word games is This is actually a collection of several other links, including the aforementioned Readquarium, The School Bell, The EFL Playhouse, and Bingo Card Creator (where you can make a sight-word based BINGO game).

The video above is a Dragon story which is a fun way to learn sight words.

 The video above provides tips for teaching kids sight words. 


Obviously, you can’t always be in front of a computer, so we also highlighted many sight word games that are not electronic, and can be brought with you anywhere.




Whichever ones you use, sight word activities are sure to make learning the most essential words painless, and indeed, quite exciting!